24% higher profit margins can be the result of companies who invest in training.

 74% of people feel they are unable to achieve their full potential at work due to lack of development opportunities.

The need to invest in staff is clear but knowing how to create or find the best content and then to bring it together in an easily accessible format used to be challenging.

sifcpd.com makes it affordable & simple.

Some of the benefits of a Learning Academy from SIF CPD:

  • Fast set up
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Customisable learning pathways, including quizzes for testing, progress tracking and certificates of completion
  • Option of adding SIF CPD content to your learning pathways
  • Option of selling content to SIF CPD
  • Free publicity by sharing content with the community
  • Private area on SIF CPD and/or private domain

All of this is available for an affordable monthly rate personalised depending on your needs and requirements, to help supercharge your learning and your business.

Why not contact us today at *[email protected]* to see how you could benefit.