Key learnings include:

Making part time work the way you want it to.

How and what to prioritise to give the greatest impact.

Protect your time and say no without feeling guilty.

How to stop feeling overwhelmed

Time efficiency: How to achieve twice as much in half the time from admin to getting clients.

How to achieve the work-life balance you want.

Whether going full-time is right, how to de-risk, how to scale and when to make the jump.

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This event is split into 4 small group sessions to provide a personal approach, avoid information overwhelm, and to allow time to implement actions. Each session will be recorded.

Part 1: Part time vs full time 10th Jan 1900-2100

1.     What do you want to achieve and how to get there?  

2.     Should I stay part-time? Am I missing out?

3.     Panel discussion: The secret to making part-time work in the way you always wanted.

With contributions and Q&A from two part time therapists Caroline Arnold (happily part-time) and Heather Venables (currently part time but building up to go full time).

Part 2: Getting Clients 17th Jan 1900-2100

1.     Time efficient marketing

2.     How to not miss out on clients due to being part-time. 

3.     Breakout session: What marketing channels are most effective for your situation. 

With contributions and Q&A from Nick Smith Trumpington Physio who went from nothing to three days per week fully booked inside 12 months.

Part 3: Time efficiency 24th Jan 1900-2100

1.     How to avoid full time hours for part time pay

2.     Pros and cons of working for someone else vs for yourself – including what does a good deal look like.

3.     Breakout session: What you can stop doing yet achieve more.

With contributions and Q&A from Dave James Podiatrist, and Business Coach who grew a sold a successful practice.

Part 4: Personal wellbeing, reducing stress & worry 31st Jan 1900-2100

1.     How to stop feeling overwhelmed.

2.     Fear of failure.

3.     Panel discussion: All things well-being, avoiding full time hours for part time pay.

With contributions and Q&A from Mike Grice (Movement Therapy Clinics, Education and

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  1. Are recordings included? Yes
  2. Is it accredited CPD? Yes. sifCPD learning is approved by STA and supported by many others.
  3. Will I get a certificate? Yes
  4. When will recordings be available? A few days after the event. We will email to notify when available.
  5. If I can't make a session can I still ask questions? Absolutely. Email [email protected] with questions you'd like answered during the day or put the questions in the comments section of the recorded video.
  6. Is it just being talked at? All sessions will provide an opportunity to be involved, ask questions and tackle a specific problem related to your business. Optional breakout practical sessions are included too.
  7. Will I be bombarded by sponsors? No. This is a sponsorship free event.
  8. Is it online or face to face? Given lack of time is the number one challenge of part time therapists the sessions are all online using tried and tested easy to use technology.
  9. Is this the first one? It is the first part-time therapist business event, by anyone as far as we can tell. SIF however, have been providing business CPD for therapists since 2018 which has always proved popular due to it's focus on evidence based practical actions therapists can do for free.